Oregon State University & Cultiva Partnership

Oregon State University & Cultiva Partnership

Portland, OR December, 2012 – The result of a working partnership between Oregon State University and Cultiva, new Parka offers cherry growers unique technology that prevents fruit cracking and protects growers’ profits.

“Cultiva is very excited to have partnered with OSU to deliver “Parka” to sweet cherry growers,” states Luis Hernandez, Managing Member of Cultiva. “Powered by SureSealtechnology, Parka offers a very cost-effective solution to
cherry cracking caused by rain.”

An organic, food-grade material, Parka is edible and will not affect taste. Once applied, the active ingredient forms a hydrophobic biofilm over the cuticle of the cherry. The elastomeric properties of Parka allow it to ‘grow’ and provide continuous protection as the cherry rapidly expands during its final growth stages.

According to Hernandez, “The ‘elastic’ attributes of Parka,
with its ability to expand as the cherry grows, gives growers a simple two-application program that greatly reduces spray trips and labor costs.”


Parka is a trademark of Cultiva. SureSeal is a trademark of Oregon State University.