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Enhance your fruit quality with the best protection under the sun.


Enhance your fruit quality with the best protection under the sun.


Enhance your fruit quality with the best protection under the sun.

Protect Profits from Environmental Stressors

Sun, rain, pathogens, insects and other natural stressors can lead to costly damages. Fortifying the fruit and leaf cuticle is your first layer of defense against these issues to optimize plant health and fruit quality at packout.

With Parka, you can relax knowing your fruit has the best protection under the sun. It combines unique modes of action in a residue-free formula that not only reduces culls due to stressors such as sunburn, cracking and splitting, it improves overall quality and consistency you can see.

A Powerful Formulation

Powered by proprietary SureSeal™ technology, Parka supplements the cuticle in three ways to help maximize marketable yields.

  • Seals microfractures in the existing cuticle and forms a barrier to keep unwanted moisture and pathogens out.
  • Minimizes the production of negative oxidative compounds and encourages production of antioxidants.
  • Improves overall photosynthesis by increasing leaf stomatal activity and net CO2 exchange.

Why Use Parka?

Parka is the only proven plant health solution that enhances the fruit and leaf cuticle. It’s a simple way to provide season-long protection against environmental stressors.

No MRLs, no REI

Made from food-grade ingredients. Excellent worker safety profile.

Clear coating

Leaves no residue.


Coating flexes and expands with the plant and fruit growth.


Allows continued transpiration and gas exchange. Not an anti-transpirant.


Repels water.

Tank-mix compatible

High tank mixing capacity. No surfactant needed.

A Clear Choice for Permanent Crops

Parka is the clear choice for growers, pickers and packers because of its many benefits.


Parka can be tank mixed with a wide variety of foliar inputs, including fertilizers and pesticides to reduce spray passes across the field. It’s also exempt from MRLs so it can be applied at any time with zero re-entry interval or pre-harvest interval.


Parka is transparent and leaves no residue on the fruit. This helps workers easily identify color and defects while picking, meaning only the highest quality fruit makes it into bins. It also has an excellent worker safety profile.


Packers can expect overall incoming quality of the fruit is better and more consistent, which expedites finishing and grading due to fewer culls at packout.

See How it Could Work for You

Learn how to use Parka to protect your crops.

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