An apple relaxing in a chair on a sunny beach
An apple relaxing in a chair on a sunny beach
An apple relaxing in a chair on a sunny beach
An apple relaxing in a chair on a sunny beach

Enhance your fruit quality with the best protection under the sun.


Increase early color, boost first-pick harvest and improve shelf life.


How does cuticle care help maximize marketable yields and improve pack out?


Providing safe, natural and innovative plant health solutions for the world’s agricultural markets.

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The Importance of Cuticle Care

The cuticle is more than just a waxy layer covering fruits, leaves stems and roots. It’s a plant’s first layer of defense against environmental stressors, insects and pathogens. When you protect and strengthen the cuticle, you’re optimizing plant health and your bottom line.

Superior Cuticle Care
Starts With Parka

Parka is the only proven plant health solution that enhances the fruit and leaf cuticle, providing season-long protection against environmental stressors to help you maximize your marketable yield.

A Clear Choice for Maximizing
Marketable Yields

Parka is a residue-free plant health solution powered by SureSeal™ technology that uses three modes of action to create a protective barrier, encourages the production of antioxidants and improves photosynthesis. It’s the clear choice for naturally maximizing the value and quality of crops.

Explore How Parka Performs on a Variety of Crops

Primary uses for Parka include cherries, citrus, apples and pears. It is also proven effective on a growing number of crops including blueberries, grapes, nuts, peppers, tomatoes and strawberries, as well as new plantings. 

Grower Insights

“One of our growers in the area that transships through us, who did not use Parka, was producing cherries with 45-50% rain split. We used Parka and had only 18-20% rain split. I highly recommend Parka™ to anyone with difficulties in splitting.”
Ken Shukin – Creston, British Columbia
“I used Parka™ for the first time this past 2016 season. The quality of the Parka berries far exceeded the rest of the berries in the field for firmness and size. I will continue to use Parka on every acre of blueberries I grow.”
Darrin Ditchen – Hermiston, OR

Have Questions?

Send us a message to get answers about Parka. Be sure to ask your retailer about how to include it in your program.

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