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Parka consists of a proprietary blend of phospholipids designed to supplement the cuticle of growing fruit and foliage to improve quality and yields.
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Grower Insights

  • "One of our growers in the area that transships through us, who did not use Parka, was producing cherries with 45-50% rain split. We used Parka and had only 18 – 20 % rain split. I highly recommend Parka™ to anyone with difficulties in splitting." Ken Shukin – Creston, British Columbia

  • "We got about 1.5 – 2 inches of heavy rain and I was amazed to see the berries in such great shape, not many split at all. We had our last pick a month after the Parka application and I could still see the difference in the firmness of the fruit. The berries that would’ve normally sold at the processed rate for the last pick, were sold at fresh market rate, that is a big difference to the bottom line!" Jimmy Smith – Homerville, GA

  • "I used Parka™ for the first time this past 2016 season. The quality of the Parka berries far exceeded the rest of the berries in the field for firmness and size. I will continue to use Parka on every acre of blueberries I grow." Darrin Ditchen – Hermiston, OR

  • "Parka’s proven value to me was a block of Kordia trees with a light fruit set, under previous programs these would have suffered significant splitting, but after using a full Parka program there was no cracking at all." James Clements – Wandin Valley Farms, Tasmania

  • "We noticed an improvement from the start and saw a significant reduction of 15-25% splitting. At $.80-.90 per pound, a reduction like that has the product paying for itself rather quickly. It’s important to apply Parka thoroughly and give uniform coverage to the fruit. The results when applied correctly are really worth it, we’ll be using Parka again this season." Jack Wildes – Alma, GA

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Cultiva LLC Raises Series B Financing

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cultiva LLC, maker of Parka®, a patented food-grade biofilm, raised $1.9 MM in a Series B financing round. The capital, raised in conjunction with the Nevada New Markets... View Article

John Salmonson Joins Cultiva’s Board of Directors

Las Vegas, NV (July 19, 2016) – Cultiva LLC (, a provider of food-grade biofilms used in the agricultural markets, announced that agribusiness executive John Salmonson was newly elected to... View Article

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