SureSeal™ Technology

Superior Cuticle Care Starts with Parka®

Parka is powered by SureSeal technology – the proprietary, innovative solution changing the way growers protect their crop against environmental stress while enhancing productivity. The foundation of Parka starts with an advanced scientific understanding of the natural cuticle layer, its composition, function and purpose in protecting the plant.

The foundation of Cultiva’s cuticle care product platform is SureSeal technology, developed at Oregon State University. Starting with an advanced scientific understanding of the fruit’s natural cuticle layer and its protective qualities, researchers developed a hydrophobic, elastic biofilm that not only protects the cuticle – it also supplements and enhances it. Cultiva furthered the discovery and development work originated by researchers at the University to bring a commercial formulation to market.

SureSeal delivers both a physical and biochemical mode of action, to enhance the cuticular membrane stability and increase the plant’s tolerance to environmental stress. The biofilm supplements plants’ cuticular membrane from within, by increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis and the amount of protective antioxidants. Externally, the biofilm provides a protective elastic coating that fills in microcracks, expands as the fruit grows, and reduces water loss, while still allowing exchange of gases from within the leaves and fruit.

Sure Seal
Treated Tree Fruit
SureSeal Treated Fruit Covering Micro-fractures (left) vs Untreated Fruit with Presence of Micro-fractures (right).
Treated and Untreated Fruit
SureSeal Applications Don’t Block the Stomata on Fruit and Leaves. Treated Fruit (left); Untreated Fruit (right).