About Cultiva

At the Forefront of Crop Cuticle Care

Cultiva has introduced cuticle care as a new concept in crop protection. We partnered with Oregon State University to develop solutions for growers based on our proprietary SureSeal™ technology.

Our first product powered by SureSeal – named Parka® for its protective qualities – was launched in 2013.

As the leading provider of plant cuticle care, we provide protection to high-value commercial crops like cherries, grapes, apples and blueberries. Environmental challenges in agriculture are increasing, and growers and consumers are looking for sustainable solutions. We know our products can help.

Whether it is on the fruit or foliage, the cuticle plays a vital part in plant health, food quality and optimized yields. Our vision as a company is exploring the capabilities of our proprietary SureSeal technology and developing new applications that provide agronomic value to growers worldwide.