Why Smoke Taint Is No Joke for Grape Growers

Why Smoke Taint Is No Joke for Grape Growers

Growing Produce Article
May 13, 2020
By Thomas Skernivitz

History is fraught with unintended discovery: Velcro, Play-Doh, Teflon, and Viagra are each attributed to serendipitous innovation.

The discoverer of penicillin left a dirty petri dish in the lab sink before going on vacation. Upon returning, he found the plate covered in bacteria ― except in an area where mold had formed.

And closer to home for fruit growers, Newton went on to establish his theory of gravity after watching an apple fall from a tree in his yard.

Today such happenstance may be dropping into the lap of Cultiva, a Las Vegas-based company that focuses on plant cuticle care. Its anchor product, Parka, has proven effective since being introduced in 2013. Growers have been applying the phospholipid spray to high-value crops to improve fruit quality and finish, suppress rain cracking, increase yield, and prolong shelf life.

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